Inspired by life, fuelled by imagination and driven by the relationships built along the way.

Roadside Florist is a Toronto-based studio specializing in unconventional, field-inspired floral design for weddings, events and editorial styling. By combining the highest quality flowers with a relaxed, approachable aesthetic, we create an eclectic mix of rustic-modern elegance.

Created in 2013 by Carrie Fisher, a life-long artist and avid daydreamer, Roadside Florist aims to inspire a community of flower enthusiasts through creativity, hospitality and adventure. Our imagination is limitless, and we place great emphasis on establishing a relationship with our clients that is genuine and engaging. We believe all occasions can be beautiful, and that collaboration should always be harmonious and exciting.

Roadside Florist is proud to support local, organic growers. Visit The Local Flower Collective to learn more!